Performance Marketing.

Advertising which focuses solely on the results and corresponds the cost only to result.

Tailor made campaigns by understanding your needs as a Brand and understanding the mindset of your consumer by actually pinpointing the perfect Target Audience.

Also, we focus on a key aspect of creating lookalike audiences to get an ever more targeted reach and using various tools to analyse the KEY METRICS which help us understand what actually works. 

Aspects of Performance Marketing


Determined on the basis of how many times an Advertisement has been shown to your audience. Basically, Impressions.

cost per click

Charged based on how many Clicks the Advertisement received.


Usually these ads are run with the purpose to get the interested audience to fill in their contact details.


Based on the amount spent to actually convert a purchase action on the advertisement leading to revenue generation.

What we do?

Online Strategy & Media Calendar

  • Planning and Executing media & Digital Content required for the brand.
  • Selecting the most optimum method and channel of running the campaign.
  • Budget Allocations & Time frames

Audits & Improvising

  • Regular Campaign audits to improve and improvise strategies.
  • Mapping Key Metrics
  • Evaluation of Ancillary methods of Marketing along with the main objective.

Evaluate & Report

  • Evaluating the metrics to optimize the ROAS.
  • Strategising to re-target and re-engage acquired audiences
  • Calculation of Metrics for Sales & Inventory Forecasting. 

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